Home-made Diets for Pets

It can be very satisfying to make your pet's food from fresh ingredients.  There are many resources available to help with this, some better than others.  Here are some resources that we feel we can trust:

Balance It:  A commercial website run by veterinary nutritionists, who will formulate recipes for your cat or dog and also sell the appropriate supplement to balance the diet.

Complete and Balanced: A Canadian Company designed to help dog-owners make their own balanced dog food.  The recipe book and supplement are sold through veterinary clinics like ours.  There is a lot of useful information on this site if you take the time to look through it. 

Veterinary Nutrition Consultations:  Diets formulated by Veterinary Nutritionist Rebecca Remillard.  This site also contains interesting FAQs covering many common questions from pet-owners.

Catinfo.org:  Website by veterinarian Lisa Pierson, who has made it her passion to feed cats the most natural diet possible, without having them hunt for every meal.  While her perspective is controversial and considered extreme by some, you will find a wealth of information on making your own cat food on her site. 

USDA National nutrient database:  A place to look up the nutrient composition of almost everything!