Behaviour and Training Resources

There are many many books, videos, and internet sites devoted to the behaviour and training of dogs. Early socialization and positive reinforcement are the most important principles to practice. 

For cats, environmental enrichment is key to avoiding behavioural problems.

Check out these resources to understand your pet better:

Dr Sophia Yin was a reknowned animal behaviourist.  Her website has some great articles and video covering leadership, aggression, barking, training tips and more.

Dr. Ian Dunbar is the originator of Puppy Classes for early training and socialization.  His website now has an entire training textbook available for free.  We also highly recommend his videos.

The Indoor Pet Initiative was originally set up by Ohio State University to teach cat owners how to enrich their cats' lives and deal with some problems.  Recently, they have added dogs to the initiative.  Check out the section for puppies, including mouthy behaviour and basic training.

Karen Pryor's Clickertraining site:  Karen Pryor is the author of "Don't Shoot the Dog" and a pioneer of clicker-training for all animals.  This site has books, videos, and gear for sale, but also lots of free resources.  A great place to start if you want to find out more about clicker-training.

Dominance or Leadership?  If you are wondering what the difference is, check out this selection of resources.

Bite prevention:  Important to know!